Tennessee Short Wing Piper Club

Celebrating 14+ Years Of Them 4-Fs
                  Welcome to the TNSWPC!
                                Our motto is keep 'em flying!

We comprise a diverse bunch of aviation enthusiasts based in Tennessee and the surrounding states.

We own or fly airplanes of the Short Wing species that were manufactured by the Piper Aircraft Corporation between 1948 and 1963;  namely, the Vagabond, Clipper, Pacer, TriPacer, and Colt.  However, folks who fly any other type of flying machine, or do not fly at all, are equally welcome.

Our "raison d' etre" is to promote camaraderie amongst those who enjoy Short Wing Pipers in particular and aviation in general.  We aim to meet on a monthly basis for them four "Effs"‚ĶFun, Flying, Food and Friendship; and once a year we join with other SWPC chapters located in the South East for a Regional weekend event.

We encourage anyone and everyone to join us at our fly-ins.  See the calendar of events for details.

Again, welcome to the Tennessee Chapter of the Short Wing Piper Club! Cheers, Tom Brent, TNSWPC President